Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
The Resilience Initiative, Harnett County was established to help enrich family connections and improve the lives of children throughout our county through resilience. Our belief is that “family” is made up of a group of individuals, such as friends, biological and/or adoptive family, colleagues, church members, and neighbors. We also believe that strong family connections are vital to the well being of both individuals and of a community as a whole.
The mission of the Resilience Initiative, Harnett County is to build stronger communities through resilience. We provide community leaders and community members with resources and discussion and action opportunities to help create an awareness of how childhood traumas impact the lives of individuals and to help those individuals overcome difficulties.
For additional information about the Resilience Initiative, Harnett County, please
call 910-893-2344.


October 29, 2020: Virtual Community Café
Time: 10am-12pm 

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