Benefits of Professional Connections in Early Childhood Education

Professional connections among early childhood education peers, community leaders, and community partners allow individuals to:

  • Get fresh ideas and perspectives
  • Develop a community of individuals aligned with a shared goal
  • Advance careers
  • Get career advice and support
  • Attain or share job opportunity information

How Does the Harnett County Partnership for Children Encourage Professional Connections Among Early Childhood Professionals?

The development of professional networks not only greatly benefits early childhood teachers and directors, but also children, families, and the community as a whole. 

  • Professional training 
  • Annual Childcare Provider Appreciation Dinner
  • Harnett County Early Child Care Professionals Facebook Group
  • Directors’ Leadership Meeting
  • Special Events
  • Facilitate Professional Learning Communities
  • Collaboration Meetings with Community Organizations 
  • GroupMe for Harnett County Child Care Directors and Family Child Care Homes

To learn more about how you can connect and collaborate with the Harnett County Partnership for Children, contact Lynda Turlington via email at or by calling 910-893-2344.