Pre-K is for children aged 4 by August 31st of the upcoming school year.

We continue to receive applications well into the school year as we keep a waiting list of eligible children. As openings occur during the school year, names are pulled from the waiting list in order to serve more children.

Beginning April 20, 2020, parents can print the Pre-K application from our website at . Parents can also pick up an application from the red Information Box attached to the black metal Drop Box located right outside the front door entrance to our office located at 170 Pine State Street in Lillington. Our normal business office hours are 8:30-4:30 pm on Monday – Friday.

You can mail your completed Pre-K application with the required supporting documents to our office at:

Harnett County Partnership for Children, Attn: NC Pre-K Staff, 170 Pine State Street Lillington, NC 27546.

You can also hand deliver your application and documents in a large envelope to our office and place it in our black metal Drop Box located right outside the front door entrance to our office. Please note: We cannot accept emailed or faxed applications as we must have original signatures on these documents.

Provide these documents in addition to your completed and signed application:

1. Copy of your child’s birth certificate

2. Address Verification – copy of water bill, electric bill, or rental agreement.

3. Income verification – proof of all income for the household (2 current pay stubs or tax documents)

Please note that incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.

Yes, parents/caregivers  must provide the completed Health Assessment form, which is provided on our website or you may pick up a printed copy from the Drop Box located in front of our office.  Please click here to print a copy of this form:

Health Assessment Form

Please note that hearing, vision, and dental screenings are all part of the NC Pre-K requirement for Health Assessments and must be filled out on this form to be considered complete.

Verification of the child’s physical must be provided on this Health Assessment form with the doctor’s signature, date, and it must have been completed within the last 12 months. Parents must also provide a copy of the child’s up-to-date Vaccination Record.

Parents can bring the Health Assessment form and Vaccination Record to their child’s Pre-K orientation as these documents must be on hand by the first day of attendance in Pre-K.

Pre-K classes are held In both public schools and private child care settings throughout Harnett County. Parents can list their top three site preferences on the application. Although we cannot guarantee your first choice of placement we certainly take this and your physical address into consideration during the placement process. Please click here for a list of current Pre-K providers in Harnett County. 

We do not provide transportation for Pre-K in Harnett County. Parents/caregivers will need to arrange transportation for children enrolled in the NC Pre-K program. 

To view a list of NC Pre-K site locations, click here.

We will notify parents, if their child has been placed in a Pre-K class with a mailed letter by July 20, 2020. Parents can expect to receive:

1. A placement letter with details about the Pre-K location their child has been assigned 

2. Or a waiting list letter verifying that their child does qualify for Pre-K in Harnett County but has been placed on our waiting list.

Placement in the Pre-K program is not on a “first come-first served” basis. Children from low-income families are given FIRST priority for placement in Pre-K in Harnett County. This is in compliance with North Carolina’s program requirements regarding priority and determining eligibility for Pre-K. Children can qualify for Pre-K based on several other factors (such as when the child has: an identified learning disability or developmental delay, a chronic illness, limited English proficiency, a parent that is active duty military or disabled veteran).

This number is determined by funding provided by the state and can change from year to year. For the 2019-2020 school year, Harnett County was allotted funding for 350 Pre-K children. However, due to movement of children in and out of our area we actually were able to serve over 425 children throughout the school year.

Pre-K classes follow the Harnett County Schools calendar and are held Monday through Friday. The daily schedule is typically from 8:00 or 8:30 am to 2:00 or 2:30 pm; however, please note that arrival and departure times vary from site to site. This information will be fully explained at your Pre-K orientation appointment.

We offer a play based creative curriculum for our young Pre-K children, focusing on developing each of them socially and emotionally, so that they will succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.